Advanced Sound & Communication Kansas City is your trusted source for audio, video, lighting, security and control solutions.

Advanced Sound & Communication

Audio, Video, Lighting, Security and Control Solutions

Established.  Advanced Sound & Communication incorporated in 1998 to provide professional audio, video, lighting, control and security services for Big Dude’s Music.  Big Dude’s is Kansas City’s oldest, privately owner music store, incorporated in 1978.  ASC and Big Dude’s Music provide high caliber, diversified resources and solutions, no other local firm can offer.

Staffed.  ASC has approximately 10 non-union employees, including in-house analog and digital technicians, installers, sales reps, instructors, shipping/receiving, office personnel and managers.  ASC provides a positive, empowered, creative work environment.  The average tenure is 10 years.  Most local contractors use volunteer, student and sub-contracted labor, placing all liability for incidents, accidents, injuries and damages upon The Buyer.  All ASC staff are full-time  employees who have passed background checks, are insured and bondable.

Trained.  All engineers and technicians continue education, maintain manufacturer and industry standard training and certification.  Riggers are certified and follow best rigging practices.  All have received certified OSHA safety procedure training and wear appropriate safety protection.

Equipped.  ASC technicians are equipped with new/modern, properly maintained, state-of-the-art tools and a mobile electronics repair shop and tool truck.

Responsive.  ASC promptly answers calls, emails and texts.  We provide solutions in emergency situations.

Recommended.  ASC primarily designs and builds worship arts systems for houses of worship.  Other markets include K-12, colleges, universities, night clubs, restaurants, retirement communities, civic facilities, performing arts centers, recording studios, professional home theaters, national retail and restaurant chains.  ASC is contracted by leading national consultants and service providers to service clientele on their behalf.

Respected.  ASC and Big Dudes are highly regarded by manufacturers and suppliers.  We remain authorized dealers, in good standing, for all that we sell.  Our business practices and relationships yield discounts and reduced costs.  Our longevity, serving thousands of customers, is testimony to our success.  Our work has been recognized and featured in the most prestigious industry trade publications, by manufacturers, con-sultants and clientele.For all types of venues, Advanced Sound & Communication Kansas City is your trusted source for audio, video, lighting, security and control solutions.

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