New! PreSonus StudioLive32

New! PreSonus StudioLive32 III Digital Audio Mixer

Advanced Sound & Communication is excited about the release of the PreSonus StudioLiver32 Series III digital audio mixer.

The new PreSonus®’ third-generation StudioLive® 32 digital console has been released.  It is  designed for mixing live sound and recording live and in the studio.  It offers features we all expect from mixing consoles today.

PreSonus has taken what it has learned from the other successful products, which have been selected in blind listening tests, over competing products costing much more.  Studio-grade sound, modern and vintage effects, motorized faders, onboard multitrack recording, 40 total inputs, and a full suite of integrated, easy-to-use software, are some of the features.  Long time StudioLive users have their prayers answered.  StudioLive 32 Series III has  motorized faders.

Top View of StudioLive32 Series III

New PreSonus StudioLive32 Series III Digital Audio Mixer










The PreSonus® Series III StudioLive® 32 digital console brings you into the future of digital mixing, including a plug-in-style signal-processing workflow that features studio-quality, vintage-style EQ and compression options on every channel. Of course, you also get PreSonus’ recallable XMAX preamps. The StudioLive 32 delivers 40 total inputs; virtual soundcheck without a computer and onboard multitrack recording to SD Card; intuitive and customizable Fat Channel views and channel layers; and a comprehensive software package, including PreSonus’ Studio One® Artist DAW, for a completely integrated experience both on stage and in the studio.

PreSonus®’ Series III StudioLive® 32 digital console is by far the most powerful mixer in its class and is fully recallable, with touch-sensitive, motorized faders and recallable XMAX preamps. Yet it retains PreSonus’ legendary ease of use, with a fader for each input channel and both 1-to-1 and split-layer workflows—and adds new customizable Fat Channel controls. Its studio-grade sound is enhanced with all new Fat Channel processing, including a plug-in-style workflow that features vintage-style EQ and compression options on every channel. You get 40 total inputs; 16 FlexMixes that can be Aux, Subgroup, or Matrix mixes; 4 fixed subgroups; 6-band fully parametric EQ on all mix outputs; 24 DCA groups; and built-in AVB networking. In addition to 34×34 USB and 55×55 AVB recording interfaces, the StudioLive 32 features an onboard multitrack SD recorder with Capture one-touch recording, true virtual soundcheck, and mix scene transfers to Studio One®—without a computer.

StudioLive32 is a complete solution.  It Includes UC Surface 2 touch-control software for Mac, Windows and iPad; Capture™ live-recording software and Studio One® Artist DAW for Mac and Windows; compatible with free QMix-UC® personal monitoring control for iPhone®/iPod® touch, and Android™.

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