Roland XS-84H Matrix Switcher

Kansas City AV provider Advanced Sound & Communication installs a Roland XS-84H as the heart of a new media system that will keep this church at the cutting edge The First Southern Baptist Church in Pratt, Kansas, had the kind of problems that most churches wish they had: they were growing fast and had reached… Read More »

System 10 Pro 2.4GHz Wireless!

The FCC is reducing the number of television stations by 250 and decreasing the amount of space between television channels where wireless microphones have operated since the 1960s. All wireless microphones will soon be required by the FCC  to operate between 470MHz and 580MHz.  900MHz will be an option for some, but not many.  Manufacturers have… Read More »

Symetrix Reviews

Check out our review of Symetrix processors! Twitter Facebook Technologies For Worship Magazine

Project Profile: Blue Valley Baptist Church

Recently, we have been busy with an installation at Blue Valley Baptist Church.  BVBC opened a second Ridgeview Campus on Ridgeview, in Olathe, KS.  With the help of Advanced Sound & Communication, the audio, video and lighting equipment is identical at both campuses.  Volunteers and staff can rotate campuses, have the same tools and results. Speakers include Fulcrum Acoustic, JBL,… Read More »

Advanced Sound & Communication Social Media

Advanced Sound & Communication has a Facebook page.  For the latest news and events information, follow us there.  The link is: Advanced Sound KC

Selecting a microphone: The right mics in the right places

Polar patterns are basically where microphones are most sensitive to sound.  Below is a video produced by Shure.  This video demonstrates polar patterns.  If you are not able to pick up all of the voices in your choir or have feedback easily in your speakers, this video will help!  Simply moving a speaker and/or microphone… Read More »

Microphone training videos: Selecting and Placing Microphones

The microphone is only second to speakers as the most important component of a live sound or recording system.  The best sound systems, instruments and vocalists in the world will not reach their full potential without microphones hand-picked for specific tasks, placed in ideal locations. Microphone placement affects the sound greatly and should be adjusted… Read More »

Network A/V: Send audio and video over a network

Not long ago, sending audio, video and data anywhere from anywhere was an expensive proposition.  Churches, schools and businesses had to purchase specialized equipment and cabling to send content to hall and class room monitors for announcement loops and video feeds.  The old systems had limitations on the number of devices and quality. Now, we… Read More »

School sound system training: Platte County High School

The team from Advanced Sound & Communication of Kansas City provide helpful videos on school sound system training at Platte County High School Performing Arts Center.

Big Sound In Small Packages: Find QSC Audio Products in Kansas City

Advanced Sound & Communication is a proud authorized dealer of QSC Audio Products in Kansas City. QSC designs, engineers and manufactures almost all of their products in-house in Costa Mesa, California. QSC offers incredible professional performance at great prices, and has one of the best warranties in the business. The great thing is, few of… Read More »