Microphones make or break sound systems and performances.

Installed by Advanced Sound & Communication

Lectern Mic By Earthworks

Advanced Sound & Communication’s sister company is Big Dude’s Music, Kansas City, Missouri.  Big Dude’s and Advanced Sound & Communication sell Audio TechnicaAKGAvlex/MiProCADCountrymanEarthworksElectro-VoiceSunkenSennheiserShure and others.

Many church members and staff walk into Big Dudes to purchase microphones. The average microphone purchase is based upon cost, not form or function.  Often times, the person tasked with making the purchase says something like, “My pastor sent me to pick up the best microphone for X dollars.”  As a result, they may or may not get the proper tool for the job.  Advanced Sound & Communication goes out on service calls to churches with the new microphone purchases on a regular basis.  We tune the speaker system to the room, set up proper gain structure and often rearrange existing speakers and microphones to maximize the sound system’s performance.

Churches hand down traditions in beliefs, service order, music, etc.  They even hand down bad sound systems and bad sound system ideas.  We were just in a brand new building with 35 year old speakers mounted on the back wall of an auditorium.  The speakers were aimed at the front wall, far above the seating area.  Next we looked at the podium microphone.  It was a handheld microphone, mounted to a gooseneck stand.  The microphone is designed to be used 1″ to 3″ away from the mouth, not chest level.  When asked about the speaker placement and the microphone, the pastor said they just repeated what was in their old building.   This is very common and we experience this often.

Shure has been manufacturing microphones since 1925.  Shure’s SM57 and SM58 have been industry staples since 1965.  In addition to building microphones tough enough to survive drops from the top of the Shure corporate headquarters, Shure continues to innovate and educate.

We encourage you to visit the Shure YouTube channel to experience more of their mics and electronics systems in action.  You might find a solution you didn’t know was available.  These videos are an excellent resource for those needing to understand microphones, what they do, and why there are so many different models.

Listening to microphones in a showroom is convenient.  Listening to microphones in your venue, on your sound system, may be eye opening.  New microphones bring new life to your sound system.  Often times, someone with more experience can take what you have and reorganize it, saving you time and money.   We can help you get the most from your system.  Call or email Brent Handy at Advanced Sound & Communication today.